Batman Begins Combo

Following the poor reception of Batman & Robin (1997), a series of unsuccessful attempts were made to resurrect Batman on the big screen which put the Batman film series on hold for nearly eight years. Then, in early 2003, Nolan and Goyer began work on Batman Begins. Aiming for a darker, more realistic tone compared […]

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Distance Formula Calculator

Here r→(t){displaystyle {vec {r}}(t)} is the trajectory (path) between the two points. The value of the integral (D) represents the length of this trajectory. The distance is the minimal value of this integral and is obtained when r=r∗{displaystyle r=r^{*}} where r∗{displaystyle r^{*}} is the optimal trajectory. In the familiar Euclidean case (the above integral) this […]

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Riley Keough Jeans

In 2016, Keough appeared in Andrea Arnold’s film American Honey, alongside Shia Laboeuf. The film premiered in competition at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize. Keough received praise for her role in the film, and received a nomination at the Film Independent Spirit Awards for Best Supporting Female. In 2017, […]

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