Private Plane Crash North Carolina

The episode begins with an ongoing artillery attack that is disturbing Blackadder’s rest, an attack which Blackadder says will not help as ‘Jerry is safe underground’. Shortly after it stops, an air raid begins. Believing it to be a German raid, Blackadder leaves an angry message for the head of the Royal Flying Corps (“Message reads ‘Where are you, you bastards?'”). But Blackadder is not thrilled to learn that it was simply a display by the Flying Corps. Shortly afterwards the brash and egocentric Squadron Commander Lord Flashheart (Rik Mayall) crash lands by the dug-out and punches Blackadder, believing him to be a ‘boche’. Baldrick and George are enraptured by Flashheart, though Blackadder is completely unimpressed, viewing Flashheart as a “prat”. As Flashheart leaves with Bob, Flashheart offers George a place in the Flying Corps. Initially uninterested, Blackadder is more agreeable when he learns of the “20 Minuters” squadron, so named because new pilots only spend 20 minutes in the air.

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